At the end of John 5, Jesus told the religious leaders that they would be held accountable by Moses for “he wrote of me…But if you do not believe his writings, how will you believe my words?” So for Advent this year, we’re looking at five ways Moses was Holding Out Hope for Jesus’s arrival.


This week we saw Jesus as “The Covenant Keeper,” and we went back 4,000 years to the Ancient Near East where God appeared to a man named Abram and entered into a covenant with him that changed the course of human history.


This sermon answered three questions:

  1. Who makes the covenant? God is the guarantor of the covenant. These are His pledges, His promises, His guarantees. God takes full responsibility for the fulfillment of these covenant promises.
  2. Who keeps the covenant? Jesus alone is truly worthy of the covenant. It was a covenant guaranteed by God, that must be upheld by a worthy man. Jesus — fully God and fully man — is the only one worthy of keeping the covenant. Jesus upholds God’s guarantee, and He fulfills man’s obligation.
  3. Who inherits the covenant? Jesus and those who are “in Him” are beneficiaries of the covenant. We are secure in the covenant love of God forever.


Genesis 12, Genesis 15, Galatians 3, Romans 9


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