Words shape the course of history. Two thousand years ago a young Jewish carpenter-turned-Rabbi turned the world upside down with His Sermon on the Mount and He began in the most unexpected way. He announced the blessings of the Kingdom of Heaven we’re coming upon the least, the last, and the left behind.


As we consider these “blessed”, these “beatitudes” of Jesus from Matthew 5:3-12, we’ll focus our attention on three themes:


  • The Upside-Down Kingdom: The Kingdom of Heaven is turning the world on its head. In Jesus’ Kingdom, many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first. And so, the Kingdom is “at hand” in Jesus for the least, the last, and the left behind. Anyone desperate enough to cast all their hopes on Jesus are welcome in the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • The Paradox of Blessedness: Blessedness is getting more of God in life’s valleys. What if blessedness in the Kingdom of God is most readily found not when we are feeling strong, but when we know we are weak?
  • The Inverted Way of Life: If you’re feeling disoriented by the Jesus’ teaching, that’s exactly what He is trying to do. Jesus is saying that you must change your whole way of thinking about life and reality, because the Upside-Down Kingdom is here.


Three takeaways to help us consider what Jesus is saying:

  • What if the moments we often interpret as cursedness, are in fact an invitation into blessedness?
  • What if the greatest blessedness we could ever ask for is simply to have a greater portion of God?
  • What if the way up is down?


Matthew 5:3-12


Living the Message episode available here: https://youtu.be/6E0SPkLNBY8