Jesus hates worry and what it does to people. Worry is like a venom, stealing our life. The antidote is to remember that we exist in a God-created, God-sustained, God-filled, God-watched, God-loved, and God-kept universe.


For those of us who worry, Jesus is inviting us into the abundant life of the Kingdom of Heaven that is “at hand” in His presence. We can be free from worry knowing that our life is perfectly safe in the hands of your loving Father, both now and forever.


In this passage from Matthew 6:24-34, Jesus gives us six antidotes to a life of worry:

  1. You are a God-breathed soul in a God-crafted body.
  2. You are priceless image-bearer in a God-sustained universe.
  3. Your life and times are perfectly safe in the hands of Almighty God.
  4. You are an immortal being designed to be clothed in radiance in the presence of God.
  5. You are a beloved child known by a good Father.
  6. There is a life beyond worry in the Kingdom of our Father, one day at a time.


Takeaway: There is freedom from worry in childlike faith.


With God as our Heavenly Father, nothing irredeemable can happen to us.


Matthew 6:24-34


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