In this sermon, we explore one of the Psalms of King David that was written while he was fleeing from Saul. David faced intense fears when he penned this song; and yet, the prose explodes with praise and adoration for God.


When you face difficulties or fear, do you put your praise on pause?


Five lessons from Psalm 34:

  1. When faith fails, don’t put your praise on pause. For David, praise is an intentional act in all circumstances. Praise is continual, intentional, and it is anchored in genuine humility.
  2. When faith fails, fear festers. But, it is when we face the hardships that the attributes of God become transforming from theoretical to personal.
  3. When faith fails, we are prone to speaking disgraceful things. So ask yourself, “Am I speaking words of affirmation and grace into the lives of those around me.?” If it doesn’t edify others and honor God, don’t say it.
  4. When faith fails, the impacts of sin ripples beyond the individual. So, when a brother or sister in Christ is in sin, we must do all that we can to restore them to fellowship with God and the body of Christ.
  5. When faith fails, seek peace with Christ. Stop running and cry out to Jesus.


Psalm 34