Music has a way of connecting to our emotions in wonderful ways. Some music helps us rejoice or relax, and other music is deeply therapeutic. Psalm 42 is a therapeutic song, written from the perspective of someone who is desperate for spiritual healing, desperate to be delivered from their spiritual depression.


When our souls are desperate for God, what should we do? Maybe you’ve felt like this in your spiritual life: your prayers feel like they’re bouncing off a glass ceiling, your Bible reading feels like wasted time, you’re craving some experience of God, but right now you’re dry and empty.


It may not be you today but at some point we all face moments like this, and statistically right now it’s those around you, your family, friends and neighbors. Whether it’s you or someone you’re called to love, the way toward soul-sustaining water, is found in Jesus.


Water for desperate souls is found in…

  1. the community of Jesus
  2. the promises of Jesus
  3. the cry of Jesus
  4. the hope of Jesus


Psalm 42