Sometimes doing the right thing is the last thing we want to do. Anyone can do the right thing when there’s no pressure. But doing the right thing when the pressure’s on, that takes character.


In this passage, we find four bold moves of obedience that change the trajectory of potentially tragic circumstances for Boaz, Ruth, and Naomis towards goodness. We see these characters do the right thing even when it’s tough.

  1. Ruth does the right thing in asking Boaz for marriage, even when it raised the stakes of being rejected.
  2. Boaz does the right thing in honoring Ruth as a daughter, even when temptation was so readily available.
  3. They both do the right thing in honoring this next-of-kin, even when it threatened their hope and happiness.
  4. All three do the right thing in waiting on God, even when being still and surrendered is hard.


Ruth 3:8-18


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