How Can I Know God Loves Me?

As we wrap up this series, Pastor Eric asks an important question: how can we know that God loves us now and will continue to forever? Through the passage, we learn that there’s nothing we can do to cause God’s love, because He first loved us; and there’s nothing that we can do that will … [Read More…] How Can I Know God Loves Me?

For over 155 years, The Moody Church has been a place where the gospel is boldly proclaimed and lives have been transformed by the saving grace of Jesus. Today, we continue to be a church alive in Christ carrying on that mission. We are about to enter a new season under the leadership of Pastor Philip Miller, the 17th Senior Pastor of The Moody Church. How does Scripture guide us in preparing our hearts and minds as we anticipate his arrival in July?

A New Season

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Romans 8 has been called by many the most important passage in all Scripture, perhaps because it unpacks the most important doctrine of our faith: salvation. Join Pastor Eric Targe as we delve into what it means to be “truly spiritual,” how you can know if you’re “really saved,” and whether or not being heavenly minded is any “earthly good.” Weʼll see how through the Holy Spirit we can cry out to the God who saved, sealed, and delivered us, “I’m Yours!”

Saved, Sealed, and Delivered

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