• October 17, 2019
  • BY Eric Morse
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Tim Stevens, Vice President of Consulting at Vanderbloemen and the point-person for The Moody Church’s search process, visited the Pastoral Search Committee at its October 2 meeting. Tim used his time with the Committee to give an update on Vanderbloemen’s work so far, present two sample candidates, and overview the expected next steps.


Regarding Vanderbloemen’s work so far, Tim noted:

  • Candidates have expressed a great respect for The Moody Church and feel humbled to be involved in the process.
  • The job posting has generated significant interest, including over 3,000 web visits, over 70 candidates who have been or will be reviewed by Vanderbloemen, and three interviews that have already been scheduled.
  • There are a few helpful factors that enable Vanderbloemen to narrow the search: our urban location, the size of our congregation, and our doctrinal statement.
  • There are currently six to eight candidates that they are looking at very closely.


Tim next presented two sample candidates to the Committee to get their reactions and feedback. In Vanderbloemen’s experience, this feedback from the Committee is very valuable in adjusting and guiding the search going forward, helping to ensure that Vanderbloemen’s search is leading them to candidates who are of particular interest to the Committee.


Regarding the expected next steps, once Vanderbloemen assembles a list of six to eight serious candidates:

  • Vanderbloemen will present the slate of candidates to the Committee, at which time the Committee can begin listening to sermons and researching the particular candidates.
  • The Committee will conduct 45-minute video calls with each of the candidates, likely eliminating one or two candidates at this point.
  • The Committee will then conduct two-hour video calls with the remaining candidates, likely eliminating an additional one or two candidates at this point.
  • The remaining candidates will then do on-site visits to our church, which will be used to choose a final candidate.


For more information on what happens once a final candidate has been identified, particularly regarding the role of the Congregation in the process, please read this previous blog post.

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