• May 18, 2018
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The Pastoral Search Committee understands that an important part of the search process is keeping the Congregation informed of relevant updates. Not only is the Congregation an integral part of the process – as the Members of the Moody Church will ultimately vote to approve the final candidate recommended to them by the Elders – but a constant dialogue between the PSC and the Congregation will help make for a healthy and successful search process.


And while certain information (such as the names of potential candidates) generally must be kept confidential throughout the search process, the PSC wants to answer as many of the Congregation’s questions as it can. Therefore, to help update the Congregation, over the coming weeks the PSC and Elders will work with the leaders of our Communities to schedule informal Q&A sessions within each class. The PSC hopes these sessions will not only prompt helpful dialogues that will inform the Congregation and let the Congregation know how to pray for the search process, but allow the Congregation to provide feedback to the PSC and Elders, and help the PSC members and Elders understand how they can best serve the Congregation through this process.


Please continue to pray for the PSC, the Elders, and the search process.

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