Genesis 1:26-27 — I’m inclined to create because Our Creator designed me this way. I create because I was born into a family that nurtured my inclination towards the arts. For me, creating is a mode of exploration (the inanimate, animate and spiritual), communication (my story and the stories of others), and proclamation (the Good News message of Jesus the Christ). Bryan Butler has been engaged in the visual arts for many years and specializes in illustration, fine art, and graphic design. He earned his BFA (with honors) in 2009 from the American Academy of Art, Chicago, with a focus in Illustration. He has been the in-house designer for The Moody Church since 2014. Bryan has also served as a mentor in the Crossroads college ministry since 2011, is on the Artist Circle Ministry leadership team, and is a regular rotating drummer for the music ministry. Over the years, Bryan has worked with organizations such as Lurie Children’s Hospital, the Chi-Town Jazz Festival, Living the Language school, YMCA, the West Loop Community Organization, Moody Bible Institute, and others, along with many private clients. He previously worked full-time as an in-house graphic designer for GModelo USA, LLC. Bryan has been married to his lovely wife, Erin, since January 2, 2010. He and Erin have one daughter (Gabriella Jayne), who is with the Lord due to miscarriage. Bryan and Erin serve together in the Crossroads Ministry and on the Artist Circle leadership team.