Each Easter, The Moody Church partners with another ministry to serve those in need. We call this the Redemption Project. Since 2008, we’ve raised over $500,000 to serve people both at home in Chicago and abroad. We do this not only as an expression of gratitude to our Heavenly Father who has redeemed us through His Son, Jesus, but also as an expression of His love to those we have the opportunity to serve. Since 2008, we have partnered with Safe Families, Caris, By The Hand Club For Kids, As Our Own, the Devon Oasis, and more!

2020 Redemption Project: Frontline Warriors First

This year, amidst the challenges facing our city from the global pandemic, we’re building a church-wide response to support frontline medical workers, first responders, and those most impacted by the crisis.


While most of us are social distancing at home, our medical workers are on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19. Those who have been hit hard by either the virus or the shutdown are struggling to keep their heads above water. All are facing significant personal, mental, and spiritual battles. Let’s work together to share Jesus’ love with them in a tangible way during these unprecedented times.


Our 2020 Redemption Project, Frontline Warriors First, will focus on serving the men and women putting themselves on the line to care for others, and also on serving those left most vulnerable during this time. We can’t do this without you—so below you’ll find information on how you can join with us to help.

How You Can Help


Let’s beseech the Lord to intervene and to act, to heal physically and save spiritually. Will you commit to pray daily for our frontline medical workers? We will also gather to pray corporately in our virtual Wednesday Prayer Meeting. We’re sharing weekly prayer requests on our social media channels to help you pray specifically for these workers. To download a prayer list for frontline workers, click here. 



As God has been generous with us, we want to be generous with others by helping to meet their physical and financial needs. We plan to send care packages and other tangible helps to support and encourage crisis workers and those most vulnerable during this time. Designate your donations (above and beyond your regular giving) to the Redemption Project to:

  • Provide care packages for ER and ICU workers and nurses
  • Supply medical-grade masks for hospitals and first responders
  • Partner with our global missionaries to support frontline workers and those most impacted by the crisis in their locations
  • Support other projects on an ongoing basis, helping those most impacted by the crisis—we’ll keep you posted every week as needs are identified!
  • Click here to give online now.



It’s during the darkest hours that the light of Christ shines the brightest. We know that many members of our church family (and those you know and love) are hurting. Let’s share the message of Jesus together. Here’s how you can partner with us to amplify this message:

  • Introduce others to The Moody Church online services and ministries. Now, more than ever, people are looking for a hope that’s absent in their lives. The Moody Church family has the answer in the person of Jesus Christ. Let’s Be the Church by proclaiming this message whenever and wherever possible.
  • Share information about the Redemption Project and how others can join with us to make an impact. We’ll post regular updates about the project on our social media channels and on our website.
  • Send us your stories of gospel impact either by tagging us on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) or by emailing us. We want to encourage others through the uplifting stories of our church family coming together during this time.

Stories from the Field

It is a blessing to honor God by loving our neighbor! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the 2020 Redemption Project over the past couple of months. We’ve received many emails and thank-yous from our local frontline workers and first responders as well as from our missionaries around the world. Take a look at the impact Moody Church has had, by God’s grace, through our Frontline Warriors First giving! Continue scrolling to see a wonderful letter we received from the COO of Stroger Hospital that we’d like to share. May we all be encouraged and continue to walk in generosity towards our city, nation, and world!

This past week, we partnered with Moody Church missionaries in Brazil and Albania to help their communities and continued to see fruit from our giving to our missionaries in Mexico.

Partnering with Missionaries in the Crisis: Brazil


Lee and Regina Bloch serve in the Southern Cone area of Brazil near Argentina and Uruguay planting and strengthening churches. One of the members of their local church, Rosi, is a teacher who grew concerned about a family in the community after they didn’t show up at the school to pick up the kids’ homework. Upon visiting them, she discovered that the children had no shoes and everyone in the home was going hungry, lacking basic needs. The mom passed away the week before. Because of the funds we sent to help the Blochs’ community in the coronavirus crisis, this family is now receiving aid distributed by the church, including shoes for all the children. Rosi was also able to share the gospel with the family upon visiting them and minister to this family in their time of despair!


Lee shared, “This no doubt is the ‘tip of the iceberg’ in what we are going to find as the pandemic continues and worsens. They are deeply grateful to our Moody Church, as are we, for saving their lives by feeding and caring for them.” Funds are continuing to be distributed to the community in Southern Brazil and beyond to Argentina to help those most impacted by the crisis.

Partnering with Missionaries in the Crisis: Albania


In Tirana, Albania, we partnered with Melissa King and her local church to provide food baskets to those struggling in her community. The Moody Church family was able to supply funds for Pastor Endri to fill the family car and distribute much-needed supplies and basic goods. Albania is considered one of the poorest countries in Europe, and many families have been hit hard by the economic fallout from the coronavirus. Melissa sent us the below photos, saying, “Thank you again to TMC for helping make this project possible!”


Pastor Endri and his wife also sent us a thank-you video!


Continued Partnership with Missionaries in the Crisis: Mexico


Art and Vicki Reyes have continued to use funds from the Redemption Project to impact their town and distribute food baskets. Vicki shared,


“These folks [pictured] are all from La Playita, the town of about 4,000 where we are planting Adonai Church. It is about 5 miles from San Jose del Cabo where our first church is located. Adonai Church is the only evangelical church in the town…This is a predominately fishing town where we especially like to share the food baskets since our ministry is there. So far, we have been able to fulfill all requests for food baskets, medicine, and cooking gas for folks from three towns (La Playita, Cabo San Lucas, and San Jose del Cabo).”


Praise God for His continued provision and work through the giving of The Moody Church!

This past week, we partnered with Moody Church missionaries in Costa Rica and Uganda to bring much-needed relief to their communities.

Partnering with Missionaries in the Crisis: Costa Rica


Jeff and Michelle McQueary minister to women coming off the streets in Costa Rica who seek a life beyond prostitution. Money from the Redemption Project is helping fund food distribution to over 60 of these women and their families. Five families are HIV positive and are unable to leave their homes, so volunteers are able to bring the food baskets right to their doors. Also, sewing machines that Moody Church purchased previously for the ministry are providing a means of income as the women make and sell masks during this time. Michelle says, “They are learning that they can do something else and they are experiencing God’s provisions for them. It isn’t perfect or easy, but something good is coming out of this COVID-19 quarantine.”

Partnering with Missionaries in the Crisis: Uganda


In Uganda, funds are helping local pastors get food for their communities and provide hope in the midst of great suffering. Many people are eating one meal a day if at all, and missionary Barbara Lange has been able to come alongside with her organization to distribute money for those out of work and needing food. Pastors are taking in the homeless, the unemployed, and orphans to care for them during the lockdowns, and the relief efforts are a blessing!


One local pastor shared the story of Opio Michael, pictured below, who is a father of 12 and normally earns his income as a wheelbarrow pusher. However, since the COVID-19 lockdown measures instituted by the Ugandan government, he does not have any work. For the last week, the family ate greens and cassava just once a day until receiving emergency relief . Opio Michael shared, “It’s a miracle to get this food. We have not eaten beans and posho [porridge] for the last three weeks. God bless you so much.” This family is one of many sending heartfelt gratitude for the food they received.


Another pastor is currently housing 18 children with disabilities in his home during the COVID-19 crisis, several of whom are pictured below. Praise God for His provision of food and how He is using Moody Church to care for those most in need, whether in Chicago or in Africa!

This week, we donated funds to Chicago Delivers, an organization started by fellow churches in the city to help deliver food to the poor, needy, and at-risk in some of our hardest-hit neighborhoods. Chicago Delivers has raised $400,000 so far and has already helped over 2,000 families with groceries in this difficult time.


We also sent a donation to the Lawndale Christian Health Center’s COVID relief fund which is providing food, rent, and utilities assistance for the unemployed in their community.  We praise God for the opportunities to contribute to these local initiatives and serve many who have been impacted by the crisis.


Other highlights this week include dropping off gift bags, masks, and bringing lunches to our local police, firefighters, and the medical staff at Weiss and Northwestern hospitals to encourage them on the front lines.

Partnering with Missionaries in the Crisis: Mexico


This past week,  The Moody Church sent funds overseas to assist missionaries and missions partners dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. In Mexico, Art and Vicki Reyes have been distributing food baskets to the many needy families in their community. With tourism and hospitality as the main sources of employment in the Los Cabos area, the desperation is high for basic groceries. Art and Vicki load each basket with food staples and gospel tracts, and Art suits up to drop them off. Money from the Redemption Project will keep this initiative going for Los Cabos as well as providing funds for benevolence needs in their church family, including virtual trauma counseling by a Spanish-speaking professional based in the USA.

Partnering with Missionaries in the Crisis: India


In India, your gifts are enabling a TMC member to supply life-saving sustenance to rural villages that have no drinking water or food. Food baskets are being put together and distributed in the name of Jesus! (Due to persecution risk we aren’t able to provide more details).

Lawndale Christian Health Center


On April 30, we partnered with Lawndale Christian Health Center to bless their workers on the front lines and to minister to those in their community needing extra encouragement.


The Moody Church purchased lunch for 215 healthcare workers at multiple locations serving with the Lawndale Christian Health Center. This includes healthcare workers at Hotel 166 on Michigan Ave which has been converted into a quarantine center for those mildly sick with the virus, many of whom are homeless.


We also put together and dropped off encouragement bags for 25 men living at Hope House. Run by Lawndale Community Church, Hope House is a residential program designed to help men who are striving to reenter society after prison and/or recovery from substance abuse.

Claire, Nurse at Northwestern Hospital


Claire shares her experience working on the COVID-19 floor and what it’s been like for her team the past few weeks. Read more stories below from fellow Moody Church members who work at Rush and Stroger hospitals.

Muriel, ICU nurse at JH Stroger Hospital


What is it like right now?
I care for some of the sickest patients in Chicago. My days begin and end with cleaning. We have to protect ourselves, our co-workers, our patients, and our families from this insidious viral plague. Nurses have to clean their face shields because there are a very limited number available. We have to remove PPE in such a meticulous way to avoid self- and cross-contamination.


How can we pray for you right now?
You can pray for our patients and their families. Can you imagine not being able to be touched by someone you love? Can you imagine the inability to talk to loved ones because you are unable to breathe? Imagine calling the ICU every day to inquire about your loved one and being placed on hold for what seems like ages. Patients die alone, and funerals can only have ten people present. Families are going through these nightmares every day.


What is bringing you joy right now?
My joy is that the Most High God is sovereign. Not all of our patients die. I get to come home to my two autistic sons and my daughter each night. We thank Him for His sacrifice, and we pray for Him to command the death angel to pass over our home and the homes of others. My joy is to wake up each morning with the ability to BREATHE! I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve the people of The Most High God as a Covid-19 RN.

Anna, ICU Nurse at Rush University Medical Center

What is it like right now?
Busy. Currently I am working in an adult COVID ICU. It’s “all hands on deck” all the time. Everything about how hospitals work and how we do our jobs has changed at an extremely fast rate. Everything from how we perform tasks to what medications we give changes day to day as supplies and guidelines change. It can be difficult to keep up. Thankfully, I work at a place that has been able to supply everything we need to do our jobs well and safely.

How can we pray for you right now?
Pray for resilience and stamina, and that I would be a bearer of hope.
Pray for protection as we are exposed every day to infection. I don’t fear getting sick myself, but I fear getting someone else sick. Pray that I would see each patient as an individual made in God’s image and not just another COVID patient.


What is bringing you joy right now?
I think we are all finding joy in the simple things these days. This sounds very silly, but after wearing two masks, goggles, and gowns for 12 hours I get so much joy from walking outside to my car and taking deep breaths of fresh air. It’s a gift that not everyone has.

On April 15, we delivered 64 care packages to emergency room workers at Northwestern Hospital. ER Doctor Dan Claud, from our Moody Church family, facilitated the delivery.


The gift bags included snacks, hand cream, vitamins, and games. Each bag also included a card, letting the recipient know that they’re being prayed for and explaining how they can contact the church if they’d like someone to pray with them.  There was also a  pre-paid pre-addressed postcard so they can simply write out a prayer request and drop it in a mailbox.


The staff in the break room were excited and grateful for the surprise gifts. On our part, we are so grateful to Dan Claud and all his colleagues for their tireless efforts, and blessed to have the opportunity to honor and thank them.

History of the Redemption Project



This Resurrection Season, we have the privilege of partnering with the ministry of Charasia in providing a Home for children at risk in Western India. By God’s strength and grace we can bring children out of the Red Light District and into a safe and loving Home where they can grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.


This Sunday (Palm Sunday, 16 March) and the next (Resurrection Sunday, 23 March), we will be distributing 11×17 sheets out of which you can construct homes to remind you to pray for these children at risk. Along with these sheets will be an offering envelope. The Moody Church Missions Committee will be matching all gifts received up to $100,000.


Your generosity will provide food, shelter, and clothing for these orphans right now, and will also be used toward the designing of a new orphanage where 150 children can grow up experiencing the love of Christ.



By The Hand Club needs your help.


Give 150 inner-city kids eight life-changing days of Christ-centered excitement at summer camp. Scholarships are $300 per child. To support this effort, make checks payable to “The Moody Church” and please note “Redemption Project” on your check and/or offering envelope.


You can also give a child a Camp Care Pack with basic supplies they will need while at camp. By The Hand Club will provide an empty Camp Care Pack along with a shopping list, which you can then fill with drugstore items for about $25 per child. To get your Camp Care Pack, visit the tables in the east and west lobbies today.



Twenty-five years ago, four women from The Moody Church started Caris – a ministry that supports women facing unplanned pregnancies. Through free services, including counseling, accurate information, and ongoing relationships, Caris provides emotional support and practical resources so that each woman can be empowered to continue her pregnancy.


Bring Hope to a New Mom
…by filling a special Caris tote bag as part of our Redemption Project this year. Together, our partnership will make a difference as we impact the lives of many women and children in the city!



In response to Jesus’ sacrifice to redeem lost men and women, every spring The Moody Church initiates a Redemption Project. This year, our project is again connected with Hope for Kids, a TMC ministry that cares for vulnerable children in Chicago and overseas through seven ministry partners.


Safe Families is a Hope for Kids ministry partner in Chicago that provides temporary, loving homes for children whose parent(s) are unable to take care of them. The approved Safe Families often receive a child with very little notice. This year, we are filling bags with items such as diapers, clothes and formula, to help the Safe Families during the first 24 hours as they get settled with the baby or child for whom they are caring.



This Easter season, The Moody Church’s annual Redemption Project benefits As Our Own. Based in India, As Our Own rescues girls from certain enslavement and exploitation—adopting them into their family for life.


Pray for As Our Own at a special prayer meeting on Wednesday April 11, 6:45–8:15pm, in room 108. Use prayer requests on the Redemption Project handouts to continue praying.


Give a one-time gift to cover a child’s education, clothing, housing, or extra-curricular activities for one month. Gift amounts are listed on the Redemption Project handouts. Mark “Redemption Project” on your regular offering envelope.


Redeem a life by committing to care for God’s children through As Our Own. Visit the As Our Own kiosk for more information.



As we celebrate Christ’s death and resurrection each Easter Season, the people of The Moody Church extend our worship into service with our annual Redemption Project. We remember how God redeemed our lives, and we celebrate His transforming work by loving others.


This year’s Redemption Project will care for children at risk through our Hope For Kids ministry. Here’s how you can help!


Pray for a Chicago child currently in foster care. Pick up a prayer card with a specific child’s information on it and a prayer bracelet to remind you to pray at the Hope For Kids kiosk.


Give to The Moody Church’s new adoption fund. $45,000 will partially cover the costs of bringing five  children home to our congregation this year. You may mark “Adoption Fund” on your offering envelope.


Join the community already caring for children at The Moody Church. At the Hope for Kids kiosk you can learn how to start the adoptive or foster care process, sign up to volunteer with ministries serving children at risk, or find out how to support others who are already doing these things.



Give the New Testament to Arabic-speaking people in Lebanon and Western Europe by participating in this year’s Redemption Project: Giving the Word.

– Your gift of $100 will provide 36 New Testaments

– Your gift of $50 will provide 16 New Testaments

– Your gift of $20 will provide 4 New Testaments



Each Easter season, we seek to put God’s redeeming love on display through our annual Redemption Project. This year’s Project demonstrates God’s love to Yazidi children in Northern Iraq, where a Christian organization has started a school in one refugee camp.


The Yazidis, one of Iraq’s oldest minority communities, have been targeted by ISIS. Hundreds of thousands of Yazidis now reside in refugee camps. The children in these camps, having lost families, homes, and any semblance of security or stability, have also been without any educational facilities for nearly a year.


As these precious children return to school, we can help show them Christ’s love by providing them with school supplies. $33 pays for a backpack filled with supplies. Stop by the Redemption Project kiosk for more info, to donate, or to pick up a Prayer Card.



Jesus taught us to love our neighbors, and showed us that our “neighbor” can be anyone who needs our help. This year for our annual Redemption Project we’re showing this love to our neighbors by coming alongside refugee families in the Chicago area.


Chicago is a “hub” for the placement of many refugee families fleeing natural disasters, war, or genocide. Many arrive in Chicago with no resources and no money. In that situation, the blessing of a new baby becomes fraught with insecurity when the family doesn’t have the resources to care for the child.


The Moody Church is pleased to partner with the Devon Oasis Center to provide these essential supplies—including strollers, car seats, diapers, onesies, and more—that will help parents with newborn babies.

This year, for our annual Redemption Project, we partnered with Call of Hope for the Goat Project. The Goat Project provided female goats to needy Christian families in Ghana and Nigeria. The goats’ offspring can be sold at market, providing funds for school fees and other necessary items for the children’s education.


Since the Goat Project’s inception, over 10,000 goats have been provided to vulnerable children and their families. As neighboring Muslims witnessed the success of the project, they began asking for goats as well. Call of Hope then began including Muslim children in the program, which offered the unique opportunity to share the love and gospel of Jesus Christ. The love of God is a foreign concept to most Muslims, so showing them love in this material way is a powerful witness for Jesus.


By God’s grace, we were able to raise thousands of dollars and bless hundreds of families, mightily blessing poor families in Africa and building a bridge to reaching Muslims with the gospel!

But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare. (Jeremiah 29:7)


To mark the 10th anniversary of the Redemption Project, we carried on D.L. Moody’s legacy of ministering to local children right in our own neighborhood. George Manierre Elementary School in Old Town has nearly 400 students in pre-K through 8th grade, 99% of whom are classified as low-income.


For the last few years, we have partnered with Manierre Elementary to minister to the children and their families.  We know that when students are proud of their school environment, they thrive — so our goal for 2018’s Redemption Project was to help revitalize the interior of the school.


By God’s grace, we were able to raise thousands of dollars and send service teams from Moody Church who were on-site to help repaint, repair, and renovate classrooms and office spaces.

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!” – Isaiah 52:7


In 2019, we were grateful for the opportunity to partner once again with Call of Hope for the Motorcycle Project. By God’s grace, the 2017 Goat Project was successful beyond what we hoped, and many families came to Christ after experiencing the generosity of the ministry in distributing goats to Muslims and Christians alike. Because of this, pastors in Northern Africa were in need of transportation to travel more efficiently around the villages and disciple the new believers.


The Moody Church was able to raise over $60,000 to purchase motorcycles, fuel, and discipleship materials for these African pastors!