• November 17, 2019
  • BY Elsa Wiese
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Hello Chorus Parents,


I hope you had a great weekend! A couple of quick things for this week.


  • The rehearsal this Wednesday is very important for us as we will be combining our choirs to prepare for this coming Sunday. If your child has missed the past two rehearsals, it is possible they will not be ready to sing with us this coming Sunday. If that is the case for your child, please contact me to know if they will be ready.
  • If your child will not be singing with us on November 24 please let me know. It helps us to plan and to not worry about them. ?
  • As a reminder, the dress code is white on top and black on the bottom.
    • Boys      White shirt (tucked in), black pants, black socks, and black shoes.
    • Girls       White shirt (tucked in), black pants or skirt (knee-length or longer), black tights and black shoes.
  • If you want to practice some of the songs we will be singing on the 24th visit our listening links on the parent page.


I’ll be emailing again later this week with all the particulars for the performance.  Thanks so much for all your help and support, it’s a joy to serve and to sing with your children!


Hope to see you Wednesday,


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