• January 23, 2019
  • BY Sharon Feil
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Because of God’s Great Love for Us, He Redeems and Provides for the Poor Widow – Naomi and Ruth


God has abundantly provided for the two widows.  Let’s continue to study their story.


Read Ruth 3


Verses 1-9. What was the living and financial situation for Ruth and Naomi?  What was Naomi’s concern? (vs 1). What is the significance of Boaz being a “kinsman”?  What does that mean?  See Lev. 25:25 and Deut. 25:5,6.   What was Naomi’s plan (3,4)? How did Ruth respond?





Verses 10-18.  When Boaz discovered Ruth at his feet and heard her request, how did he respond?  If you have time, look up the meaning of “a woman of excellence” in Hebrew.  What does this phrase mean?  Note:  The same Hebrew word is used to describe Boaz in 2:1.



Read Ruth 4


Verses 1- 12 What action did Boaz take the next day?  Why did the other relative refuse to be the kinsman redeemer?




Jesus is called our Redeemer.  Why do we need to be redeemed?  What do we need to be redeemed from?  What was the purchase price for our redemption?




See Galatians 3:13; Colossians 1:13,14; 2:13,14; Romans 6:17,18; I Peter 1:18,19




Verses 13-22.  Who enabled Ruth to conceive?  (She was married many years in Moab without children).  How was Ruth described in verse 15?





Who are Ruth’s descendants?

From a human perspective, Ruth’s life was difficult and potentially one of despair.  She was a widow, an outsider in a foreign land, had no wealth or standing, a caretaker of her mother-in-law, and a day laborer whose pay was not money but the grain she gathered from the field.  From God’s perspective though, she was a woman of faith and excellence, and a recipient of His great mercy and redemption.  Ruth became the ancestor of the great Redeemer!!  Our lives may seem very ordinary and routine however, as those who have been redeemed by Jesus, we have value and great purpose in His kingdom today and in the future.  You do not know who will come after you.  Your faithfulness to God today will be an example for the generations to come.  May you see yourself as God see you and rejoice in His redemption and the value He places on your life!

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