• November 3, 2019
  • BY Elsa Wiese
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I hope you are enjoying the nicer weather today. ? As promised here is my small request and also maybe a little bit of direction for our Christmas Musical costumes.


The request: We will need some Christmas decorations and wrapping paper to use in the musical.  If you have any wrapping paper or decorations/ornaments you’d like to get rid of, we would be happy to take them off your hands!  Before you give me all of last year’s candy canes and blow up reindeers, ? I am really only looking for classic or whimsical green, red, and white ornaments and paper. Gold and silver can be complementary colors or included in the pattern and I would also take solid gold and silver items. For the wrapping paper solids are great and so are stripes, polka dots, and plaid. I’d like to avoid any kind of animal or people, i.e. no penguins, elves, Santa, reindeer, snowmen, etc.  I am okay with images of items like candy canes, snowflakes, stars, peppermints, Christmas trees, etc.  Does that all make sense?


How are you doing with costumes? I realized that I didn’t put the costume instructions on the parent page! They are on there now, you can just click here. Now is a great time to find some fun items in stores! I’ve checked Gap, Old Navy, Target, Khol’s and Amazon and there are lots of solids, stripes, and plaids out there. Please let me know if you are struggling and I will send you some links!   Accessories are great and an easy way to make something that’s plain feel a little more whimsical.


Thanks so, so much!


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