• October 21, 2021
  • BY Pastor Philip Miller
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“We get to go to college!”


Our kids have been saying that phrase with growing excitement over the past few weeks because on Wednesday and Thursday of this week I’ll be speaking in chapel at Cedarville University, and the kids are coming with us. It’ll be special for Krista and I to be back at our alma mater, reconnecting with staff and faculty who have shaped our lives, and making some new acquaintances. For the kids it’ll be like going on a mysterious prehistoric tour of their parents’ ancient lives.


Our kids have grown up hearing various odds and ends of stories from the long ago days before mom and dad got married. They’re curious about painted cinderblock dorm rooms, ceiling-high piles of pizza boxes, and the dazzling ambiance of lava lamps. They can’t wait to visit the cafeteria where their parents had their first date and the lake daddy got thrown into after he got engaged to mom. They’re mesmerized by this mythical place steeped in tales of lore. It’s sure to be a grand time.


I do covet your prayers, if you would remember to think of us on Wednesday and/or Thursday. I’ll be sharing about brokenness as a prerequisite for usefulness in the Kingdom of God. We usually don’t learn brokenness in college. It most often comes later. In God’s school of life, brokenness is an essential part of the curriculum. My prayer is that our time with the students would help prepare them to embrace the grace of wounds which will both heal and prepare them for a lifetime of effective ministry. When we are weak, then we are strong. Thank you in advance for holding us up in your prayers.


You are loved, more than you know!

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