• October 16, 2020
  • BY Pastor Philip Miller
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I’m so encouraged this week. Joining on Wednesday with hundreds of you for our Day of Prayer and Fasting really touched my heart. There’s something powerful about coming together as children of God crying out to our Father together. I noticed three things happening in my heart this past week.


I felt my heart bending into closer alignment with the heart of our Father. Prayer reminds us of what truly matters. For a moment, the noise fades away, the chaos declutters, and in the stillness our minds are fixed on things above. God is on his throne. His glory is being displayed. His good purposes are at work. Prayer is not us bending God’s will to ours, but God bending our will to His. Prayer changes us, reminds us of what matters, presses us into the heart of God.


I sensed my heart uniting with God’s family. Here we are, from so many different places, yet one with one another in Christ. Our backgrounds are stark in contrast, and yet our salvation draws us together. Some of us have been here for decades, while others of us have joined just recently. And when we pray we are one. One body. One faith. One Lord. One family.


My heart also experienced a longing to see God unleash his work in our city and all around the world. We know so much in this world is broken and hurting. We long to see God’s will be done in Chicago as it is done in Heaven. And we yearn to see the nations rejoicing in the salvation of our God! And as that longing grew in my soul, it brought the question to mind, “Am I willing to do whatever God would ask of me?”


Prayer changes us. Thank you for praying with me. I’m so encouraged by this week. Glory be to our God!


You are loved, more than you know!


Pastor Philip

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