• May 6, 2022
  • BY Eric Morse
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On this Mother’s Day, I’m reminded of the legacy of the mothers who have deeply shaped my life. Their love and leadership echoes even now. I’m so grateful for the gifts they are in my life.


Elizabeth, my maternal grandmother, married my grandfather, Jesse Hensarling, Jr., on June 6, 1952. They enjoyed a lifelong, faithful partnership until his homegoing in 2015. When Granddad went into full time pastoral ministry, Grandmother embraced the demands of becoming a pastor’s wife and mother to six children. She served the Lord with gladness, faithfulness, and joy and always loved her family well.


LaVerne, my paternal grandma, married Eugene Miller on June 7, 1953. They enjoyed a wonderful and faithful marriage up until his homegoing in 2021. As an Air Force family, they relocated every few years, and Grandma embraced the demanding adventure of making a home wherever they were deployed and being the mother of two rambunctious boys. She lives in Colorado now, and loves watching The Moody Church online. Her love for the Lord and attentiveness to her family are precious.


My mom, Susan Miller, met my father, Duane, in high school. After college, they were married on August 12, 1978. Along the way, six children were born, and my mom devoted her life to the nurture, care, and education of her children. She taught us the great hymns of the faith and modeled for us a true love for Jesus. I’m forever grateful for her love and guidance in my life.


Claire, Violet, Cora, and Jude also want to wish Krista a very Happy Mother’s Day. She’s “the best mom in the world!” Her love makes our world beautiful and inspires us to be our very best.


So Happy Mother’s Day! Today we honor the love, sacrifice, faithfulness, and high calling of motherhood. You are a blessing to us all. And you are loved, more than you know!

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