• May 26, 2023
  • BY Eric Morse
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Ephesians is really setting us up well for our Missions Week on June 4–11. We’ve been learning about the glories of our salvation (1:3–23) that not only brings us to life in reconciliation with God (2:1–10), but also brings us into God’s multi-ethnic family in reconciliation with one another (2:11–22). God’s purpose all along was to display His manifold wisdom to the angelic hosts through His multi-ethnic church, formed by the Gospel, and revealed to the very least of the saints (3:1–13). God uses ordinary sinners saved by grace to narrate His glory to the cosmos (3:7–13)! And this week, Paul’s going to pray that God would give us all we need to grow into our glorious calling as His people (3:14–21). This is what missions is all about! God’s people, filled with God’s Spirit, proclaiming God’s Gospel so the nations see God’s salvation and become God’s children for God’s glory throughout God’s universe! You couldn’t ask for a better set up!


Our Missions Week speakers this year are going to be amazing. Dr. Scott Horrell was one of my favorite professors at Dallas Theological Seminary and has a background in missions, pastoring, and church planting. On June 4, he will help us see how global missions dynamically flows from the heart of our triune God. Then on June 11, we’ll be joined by Pastor Michael Allen, one of our former pastors, who will share about his transformational work of violence reduction in the heart of Chicago. From the glories of God’s eternal purposes to the practicalities of life on the streets of Chicago, you won’t want to miss the challenge and encouragement of this year’s Missions Week. I hope you’ll make it a priority to join us.


Remember, you are loved, more than you know!

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