• March 3, 2023
  • BY Eric Morse
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One of my favorite things is to be a part of the New Members class. It’s a room full of people ready to join the church and commit to The Journey of a Lifetime as they follow Jesus here with us. It’s a big step. And it’s my joy to be a small part of sharing just what it is they’re signing up for.


The best part for me is getting to hear everyone’s stories. We share about our families, how long we’ve been at The Moody Church, and most importantly, how we came to trust Jesus as Savior and Lord. The stories are so diverse and yet very much the same.


We come from various backgrounds. We experience different brokenness. Our journeys are as individual as we are. Nevertheless, they all lead to the same experience of grace at the foot of the cross. Jesus is our Rescuer. He is our Savior, Lord, and Friend. In all the multitude of our divergent wanderings, He found us, drew us to Himself, and made us His very own. We come from all over, but we end up in the same place. We’ve all come home to Jesus.


In many ways, that’s exactly what we’re experiencing in this series on Identity Traps. All these various lives come home to the same place over and over again. Orphan-hearted living can take many different forms. But childlike faith is simple and familiar. The grace of God in Jesus has made us children by the indwelling of the Spirit. We’ve all come home to Jesus.


Because of our triune God, we are loved, more than we know!

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