• March 14, 2024
  • BY Jon Huff
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When my kids came home with their Awana derby-making kits a little over a month ago, I knew I was in trouble. You see, when we came to Chicago four years ago, we moved from the suburbs to the city, which meant no basement or garage. So I sold off almost all my tools and saws. As I stared at those blocks of uncut wood and my kids’ expectant faces, I knew I was in over my head. I ignored my problem for a few weeks, but then I saw the deadline approaching swiftly. I was in a bind.


Fortunately, Chris Imhof came to my rescue. Apparently, he loves making these derby cars, has all the tools, and lots of experience. He graciously invited us over and skillfully made quick work of all the necessary cuts so the kids could get after the artistic portion of the project. I watched as he easily did what I could not. He was a lifesaver! When the deadline came this Wednesday, I didn’t have to be ashamed, because Chris came to my rescue.


There’s a little glimpse of the Gospel in all of this. Life is kind of like a race, and the deadline is fast approaching. We will all stand before God and give account for how we’ve lived our lives. If we’re honest, sinners that we all are, we lack the tools and skills necessary to be successful on that day. And the deadline is approaching swiftly. We’re in deep trouble.


Which is why it’s such good news that Jesus comes to our rescue. He has all the tools, skills, and experience to meet the deadline with flying colors. He lived a perfect life we could not, died the death we all deserve, and rose again to give us the abundant life we could only dream of! Jesus easily does what we cannot. He is our lifesaver! And when the deadline comes and we stand before God, we won’t have to be ashamed, because Jesus came to our rescue.


So here’s the moral of the story. Make sure Chris Imhof is your friend. But more importantly, make sure Jesus is your best friend. Because in Him you are loved, more than you know!

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