• July 23, 2021
  • BY Pastor Philip Miller
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Last week after church, our daughter Violet observed, “Wow, we’ve sure been doing a lot of Easter at church!” Krista and I chuckled, because it has felt a lot like Easter in July as we’ve walked through the final week of Jesus’ life and ministry. We’ve seen Jesus wash His disciples’ feet and surrender Himself in Gethsemane; we’ve seen Him condemned, crucified, and buried.


Today we come to resurrection morning in the twentieth chapter of the Gospel of John. This is the morning when everything changes. It is the morning when the light breaks through and hope dawns. It is the beginning of the restoration of all things. It is when everything sad begins to come untrue.


Sometimes we forget how beautiful Christian hope is. Our God has conquered sin, death, and Satan forever. He is enthroned above the heavens with Jesus at His right hand awaiting the day of His return. In that day, justice will reign, peace will abide, and glory will cover the earth. There is so much hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ! Resurrection morning means, in the end, the redemption of all things.


As we gaze on the beauty of this bright and glorious resurrection morning, we long for the fullness of redemption and say with the Apostle John at the end of Revelation, “Come quickly, Lord Jesus!”


For we are loved, more than we know.


Pastor Philip

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