• June 30, 2023
  • BY Eric Morse
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I’m the oldest of six siblings, and growing up, we all had chores assigned to us. I was in charge of sweeping the kitchen floor after meals. I still enjoy sweeping to this day. When you’re part of a family, you pitch in and do your part. That’s what families do.


This summer, we have one of those family moments here at The Moody Church. As I shared last week, our projections show us falling short of need by about $300,000 by fiscal year end on August 31. But the good news is that if we all pitch in, we can close the gap as a family.


If each of our households here at The Moody Church gives $300 this summer—above and beyond our normal giving—we can close this gap over the coming months. That works out to about $33 per week through the end of the summer. If you consider yourself a part of The Moody Church family, would you prayerfully consider pitching in during this time of need? If we all do our part, we can end the year in strength.


Thank you for faithfully supporting the ministries of The Moody Church. Your giving is advancing the Gospel here in Chicago and around the world!


Thanks for being family. You are loved, more than you know!

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