• January 27, 2023
  • BY Eric Morse
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They say it takes a village to raise a child. Our family is living out that proverb this week. Krista and I are in the second year of our doctoral program at Wheaton College, and each semester we have a one-week intensive class in person. This is where the village comes in.


As we are studying about healthy ministry leadership, our kids are spending the week with their grandparents in Ohio. They are doing their studies, helping out with projects, sledding on snowy hills, and being reminded of how much their grandparents love them. Not only is this care a tremendous gift of focus to Krista and me, it is an unforgettable treasure for our kids.


I’m reminded how much our lives are an intertwined fabric of grace woven in give-and-take with those around us. Sometimes we are the means of God’s grace in the lives of others. Other times we are the recipients of God’s grace through the lives of others. None of us live alone. We’re enmeshed in a vast tapestry of grace. We need each other more than we know. I’m grateful for our village.


Who’s in your village?


Even when we don’t see it, we’re loved more than we know.

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