• February 17, 2022
  • BY Pastor Philip Miller
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I’m so grateful for our Kids’ and Student Ministries here at The Moody Church. We believe our kids and teens are not the future of the church …  they are the church. We are a multigenerational family and we love how God is moving in the lives of our young people.


Just a couple weeks ago our Student Ministries had their Winter Retreat and Pastor Justin May shared this encouraging report with me that I just had to share:


What an amazing weekend! 104 people, including 80 junior high and high school students, got to spend Friday through Sunday in a beautiful time of praise, worship, and fellowship. All four of our chapel sessions and the following small group times were focused on being a true disciple of Jesus in 2022. One of the many highlights was that this was the first retreat to feature our new student-led worship team! The relationships that form and deepen between students and the leaders over this weekend are so life-giving. Getting away from the distractions of the city and focusing on Jesus did wonders for us all. I’ve received lots of feedback from students who have been galvanized into sharing their faith more boldly and who have been reminded of the glorious comfort of the gospel. Many students went to the retreat feeling isolated and alone, but came back knowing they belong. God was at work!


Let’s praise the Lord for what He’s doing and continue to lift our students up in our prayers!


Speaking of prayer, let’s keep our 43 third through fifth graders (and their nine chaperones!) in our prayers this weekend as they head out for Arctic Blast. I know our Director of Children’s Ministry, Michele Forrider, and her team greatly appreciate your prayers for the safety of the trip and the work of the gospel.


God is on the move here at The Moody Church, from the youngest to the oldest! Let us not grow weary in our prayers.


You are loved, more than you know!

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