• February 8, 2024
  • BY Jon Huff
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One of the things I’ve discovered as I’ve traveled is just how well the Bible speaks to various cultures. For example, in the passage we’re looking at this Sunday, Luke 4:31–44, we see Jesus demonstrating His power over both supernatural evil forces and biological human dysfunction. Jesus is Lord over demons and diseases. His power triumphs over all.


Here in the West, we struggle to see the wonder and beauty of passages like these. We’re skeptical of the supernatural, and place much of our hope in the pharmaceutical. Why do we need Jesus when we can solve so many of our problems on our own? For many, Jesus becomes a last resort, after we exhaust all other options.


But so many in this world, especially those in the global South, see our vulnerabilities to evil and the fragility of life with superior clarity. They feel the oppression of disease. They know the burden of the demonic. They rightly want to know where the Power lies in this universe. And so when they read passages like these, they see it for the liberating power encounter that it is.


Jesus is the all-powerful Son of God. He is the Master of all creation. He is Lord over all the powers. He is the Defeater of the diabolical. Before Him every knee shall bow. And if Jesus is for us, nothing can stand against us.


I’m grateful for the way our global brothers and sisters open our eyes to the wonder and beauty of Jesus, whose power triumphs over all! For in Him, we are loved, more than we know!

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