• December 17, 2021
  • BY Pastor Philip Miller
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“That was amazing! We’re so glad we came!”


That’s what our neighbors told us last Sunday after the Christmas Concert. They then proceeded to text our Sandburg neighborhood group about how awesome the concert was and how everyone needed to make sure to come next year. How amazing is that?!?


It’s even more amazing because they’d never stepped foot in a church before. Coming was quite outside their comfort zone, but when we invited them, they were gutsy enough to say yes. They enjoyed the music and found the message thought-provoking. We can’t wait to invite them again to The Moody Church.


It’s wonderful to have such an easy invite. The Christmas Concert is a world-class celebration of the coming of Jesus. The music selection, orchestration, choral pieces, direction, sound, lighting, and decor are simply marvelous. What a gift we have to be able to use this tool for the sake of the gospel! We’re already praying about next year and how we can invite our entire neighborhood group.


Speaking of the gospel, you’ll be delighted to know that we gave out 1,000 copies of the Gospel of John 21-Day Challenge. Toward the end, I’m told we actually ran out and people were bartering chocolates for their own copy! Let’s be praying that the Word of God gets planted deeply and that we’ll have opportunity to follow up and celebrate the joy of changed lives in Jesus.


Today we welcome our Children’s Chorus as they lead us in worship through It All Happened in the Country. As a multi-generational church we’re delighted to celebrate what God is doing in the lives of these kids and look forward to the encouragement they will bring to our hearts this morning.


Remember to join us Friday at 6:00pm for our unforgettable Christmas Eve Candlelight Service (this is another easy invite opportunity!).


Remember, Christmas means we’re loved, more than we know!

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