• December 8, 2021
  • BY Pastor Philip Miller
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We cannot wait for tonight!


Our 50th Annual Christmas Concert this evening will be our family’s first ever in-person Christmas Concert at The Moody Church. Two years ago, we enjoyed this wonderful concert online from our home in Washington. We were in the early stages of the interview process, and we joined in virtually with eager interest. Last year, of course, the whole world was online. Our team did a fabulous job pivoting to an online broadcast format which was memorable and delightful in its own right. But this year our family gets to experience the Moody Church Christmas Concert live and in-person, and we simply cannot wait! We can’t wait to experience for ourselves what people mean when they say there’s nothing quite like Christmas at The Moody Church. We’re on the edge of our seats!


As you know, a concert like this only happens because of long hours of hard work, preparation, and rehearsal on the part of hundreds of people. There are far too many folks involved—including our Music Ministry team, vocalists, choir, band, orchestra, ushers, greeters, pastoral and administrative staff, facilities crew, and other volunteers—to name them all here. But if you know someone who’s been helping make this concert happen over the last months, would you pause and let them know how much their efforts mean to you this Christmas? A short note, phone call, or text of thanks goes a long way. I know it will be greatly appreciated!


We look forward to celebrating Christmas with you tonight. Christmas means we are loved, more than we know!

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