• April 14, 2023
  • BY Eric Morse
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Spring has sprung in earnest this week. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. The flowers are blooming. The leaves are popping. And everything feels just a little bit brighter. I love that Easter is at the hinge of the seasons, as everything comes back to life. It’s an annual reminder of the cosmic truth that in Jesus all things are being made new. Spring is a glimpse of the eschaton. There’s a crack in the walls of the world—and hope is streaming in.


I’m so grateful for my friend and partner in ministry, Pastor Tim Stafford. Most of us have no idea just how much he works behind the scenes to select, arrange, orchestrate, rehearse, and prepare us for worship. Grand celebrations of Christ’s saving work, like the ones we had on Friday and Sunday last week, are months in preparation. Pastor Tim has a great team around him in Jordyn Fraats, Paul Satre, and Elsa Wiese, in addition to an amazing team of vocalists, musicians, and the choir. Pastor Tim is the servant leader who brings it all together. I’m so grateful for his ministry in our midst. Would you join me in thanking him? You can email him at: tim.stafford@moodychurch.org.


Let’s remind him that he’s loved, more than he knows!

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