• March 30, 2019
  • BY Sharon Feil
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At our last Mom2Mom we looked at how Jesus  approached the Samaritan woman at the well. Jesus so beautifully modeled what we call “organic outreach”. He was in Samaria  because:

  1.  It was the Father’s plan
  2.   He met her at the level of her need.
  3.  He engaged her in a spiritual discussion.
  4. The Holy Spirit worked through the words of the incarnate Word of God to bring her to a confession of faith in the Messiah
  5. She became a witness to her community leading to many more people believing that Jesus was the One promised.

What a great encouragement for us! Dave Zuperku, who heads up Global Outreach at The Moody Church gave us a great application of the lesson. Please see his notes below.


What is Organic Outreach?

The term “Organic Outreach” can be used interchangeably with the term “Evangelism.” When we say “Organic Outreach,” we are talking about the process of Christians, churches, and families sharing the message of Jesus in natural ways as they love, show grace, walk with people, and proclaim the life-changing message of salvation through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. 


The key is for Christian moms to toss the scripts and witness programs and concentrate on fostering red-hot excitement for the gospel in their own lives, their family and then to share the faith in natural language. Evangelism isn’t the exclusive domain of the “super-spiritual, the velvet-tongued, and the hyper-extroverted.” It’s a biblical commandment for every Christian and we must use accountability to incorporate biblical practices into their daily lives.

5 Priorities of Personal Evangelism

  1. Presence – spend time with unbelievers (consider where you are during the week)
  2. Prayer – pray for the unbelievers you know and for opportunities to share Christ
  3. Plan – develop a customized, Spirit-inspired strategy to reach people
  4. Preparation – prepare to be more effective at sharing your faith
  5. Persistence – don’t give up!

Prayer and Action!

  • For you to love your spouse and children in a way that always points them and others to Jesus
  • Act like Jesus: living a Spirit-filled life because your husband, children, and the world are watching you!
  • Pray for opportunities to present themselves to befriend the lost (playdates, playground, library, etc.)
  • Put down the smartphones and observe the world around you when you are out and about


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