• November 1, 2023
  • BY Eric Morse
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Dear Moody Church Family,


Scripture teaches that money can be a tool for human flourishing when used appropriately. It also warns us of the spiritual bondage that can happen when our hearts become consumed by money.


Cultivating a heart of generosity will radically shape your worldview. Jesus taught us to give ourselves away for the Kingdom of God. This outward-focused orientation is the antithesis of the way the world views money, which focuses our hearts inwards. That’s why our church family regularly emphasizes generosity towards God and others. When we give of our time, talent, and treasure, we are not doing so out of obligation or duty, but out of thanksgiving and a desire to be a partner in the work God is doing in our church, throughout our city, and around the world.


The Kingdom of God is the only investment we can make that lasts. So, if we want to become generous people, we should take to heart the wisdom of Scripture. The Bible teaches that when we give, we’re growing in love, obedience, and wisdom.


We give out of love. Giving is worship. Because God so graciously loved us, we reciprocate in love by giving to Him of our time, talent, and treasure. (1 John 4:19)


We give out of obedience. The Bible is full of commands to be generous since God is generous to us. Giving in obedience to the Lord frees us from the danger of trusting in money instead of trusting in Him. When we give faithfully, God promises to provide for our needs when we’re generous with Him. (Malachi 3:10–11)


We give out of wisdom. Being a generous person allows us to invest in eternity rather than in the temporal things of this world. What are you investing in that is more important, more lasting, and more beautiful than the mission of Jesus? Nothing! (Matthew 6:20)


When we give ourselves away, we’re blessed spiritually in return. That’s the Kingdom economy.


Thank you for your consistent financial support to The Moody Church! The Lord is using these gifts to advance God’s Kingdom, and your partnership is an eternally rewarding part of that process. If you aren’t regularly giving, would you prayerfully consider coming alongside what the Lord is doing as He renews the world? You won’t be disappointed!




Bill Van Tuinen

Pastor of Global Outreach & Stewardship


P.S. Do you have questions about giving, stewardship, or estate planning? Email me at bill.vantuinen@moodychurch.org. I’d love to chat with you!

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