• October 4, 2018
  • BY Sharon Feil
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Because of God’s Great Love for Us, He Warns Us of Danger

Lot’s Wife

We issue warnings to our children every day. Sometimes they heed the warnings, and at other times, they ignore them.  How do we respond when God warns us of impending danger?  Lot’s wife received many warnings.  Let’s look at how she responded and what occurred.

Read Genesis 19:1-26

Who did the angels meet as they entered Sodom?  Where was he sitting and how is this significant?





Lot urged the visitors to accompany him home.  After they had eaten dinner, who came to Lot’s home and what did they demand?






How did Lot address the men and what compromise did he offer?  As Lot’s wife, how would you react to this compromise? What did the men of Sodom call Lot and how was Lot rescued?  How was this episode a warning from God to Lot and his wife?






What warnings do we receive from God today?

What warning did the angels give to Lot in verses 12,13? What did Lot do in response and how was his message received?  In verse 15, the angels issue yet another warning.  Do you get a sense of what Lot is doing at this time? How did he respond this time (16)?





The angels seized their hands and led them out of the city.  What was the reason (16)?  Do you have a story of God’s compassion for you despite your lack of obedience?





The angels warned Lot and his family to run to the mountains and not look back to Sodom. Why? Lot appealed to their lovingkindness and negotiated with them to flee instead to a city “that my life may be saved.”  The angels had already saved Lot’s life twice.   Why do humans think their solutions are better than God’s commands? Ironically, where did Lot end up(30)?




What did Lot’s wife do and what happened (26)?







Jesus also gave a warning in Luke 17:26-33.  What was it and what did He say about Lot’s wife?  What about Lot’s wife are we to remember? How should this impact our life today?

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