• January 1, 2024
  • BY Eric Morse
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Dear Moody Church Family,


Happy New Year! I hope you are starting 2024 filled with great hope and expectations rooted in the lordship of Jesus. At the beginning of each year, many people consider resolutions that revolve around improving their health. If a healthy spiritual life is one of your goals, prayerfully consider the Generosity Ladder that Pastor Philip introduced in his recent series through the book of Malachi.


The spiritual practice of generosity grows over time. Like climbing a ladder, rung-by-rung it becomes part of who we are. The rungs below can help orient where you are in the journey.


  • Initial: I am taking my first step of faith in God and His promises by giving.
  • Intentional: I am planning to grow my giving percentage as I grow in faith.
  • Faithful: I give my first and best to God as a tithe in obedience and faith.
  • Missional: I am eagerly motivated to invest above and beyond for Kingdom impact.
  • Legacy: I have made audacious generosity a top priority of my life and estate.


As you consider the ladder, ask yourself the following questions and consider your next steps:


  • Where am I on the generosity ladder?
  • Where do I desire to be?
  • What are the barriers preventing my desired level of giving?
  • What is the Lord calling me to do in faith?


The goal of this “exercise” is that each of us presents our first and best to Jesus, not because Jesus needs our money, but because our hearts and our treasure are intertwined – and who better to entrust each to than Jesus? (Luke 12:34)


We also want to offer our heartfelt thanks to those of you who consistently support the ministry of The Moody Church. We know that many are facing economic uncertainty and the impact of inflation; and we know many are giving sacrificially during these times. Let us continue to move forward with faith and joy, as there is no better investment than that which will last for eternity!



Bill Van Tuinen

Pastor of Global Outreach & Stewardship


P.S. Do you have questions about giving, stewardship, or estate planning? Email me at bill.vantuinen@moodychurch.org. I’d love to chat with you!

One thought on “January 2024 Stewardship Letter

  1. Great insight into fulfilling our current year giving resolutions with the blessings God has granted! May God continue blessing the work and ministry of supporting missionaries and ministries globally through TMC and the GOC.

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