• September 21, 2018
  • BY Sharon Feil
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Because of God’s Great Love for Us, He Values Those Oppressed and Downtrodden.



Have decisions been made by others that have deeply affected your life?  Did you have a voice in those decisions?  Let’s look at a woman who was a victim of someone else’s sinful decision and how God responded to her plight.

Read Genesis 16:1-16

What is Sarai’s problem?  Who did she hold responsible, and what was her solution?  Who was Hagar?




When Hagar conceived (vs 4), how did each person react? How was Hagar treated with disregard?






What happens when we take matters into our own hands?  How can others be affected?




Hagar fled to a spring of water on the way to Shur.  Who came to her and how did He approach her?  What did He instruct her to do and what promise did He give her (9,10)?  He told her to name her son Ishmael which means “God Hears”.  What had God heard (11)? We don’t have record of Hagar praying.  What does this interaction tell you about the love and kindness of God?



What name did Hagar give the LORD (13)?


Write of a time God has given heed to your affliction when you’ve been poorly treated.




How do we know Hagar obeyed God (16)?



Read Genesis 21:1-21

Thirteen years passed after Ishmael was born before Sarah miraculously gave birth to Isaac.  When Isaac was weaned at about age 2 or 3, what did Sarah witness (9)?  What was Sarah’s demand and how did Abraham respond (10,11)?  What did God instruct?





Abraham sent Hagar and Ishmael out the next day with water and bread.  When the water dried up, what did Hagar do (15,16)?  Who heard the boy crying and what did He assure Hagar, and what did He provide for her (17-19)? Again, we do not know if Hagar was calling to the Lord.  What further insight do you gain of God’s  compassion and love for the downtrodden?






What happened to Ishmael (20,21)?


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