• October 4, 2018
  • BY Sharon Feil
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  • Abraham and Sarah went to Egypt
  • Deception about Sarah being Abraham’s sister
  • Pharaoh gave the gift of Hagar a female servant
  • Sarah takes matter into her own hands, and gives Abraham Hagar to have a child
  • Abraham goes along with the plan
  • Now we have a fractured family plunging into conflicting loyalties and resentments.

Hagar: A Sketch Portrait

Question- How would you describe Hagar’s emotional self-portrait?

  • Pharaoh gave her away- Went from a position in the royal place of Egypt now living in a tent-
  • Sarah gave her away- Abraham (Culturally it was done, but not the way for God’s people)
  • Hagar was put in a position of torn loyalties from Abraham- loving Sarah, but wanting a son
  • Hagar resents Sarah, looks at her with contempt
  • Abraham does not stick up for Hagar, but instead washes his hands, abandoning her and the baby.
  • Tossed to and fro without having control over her life like a pawn
  • Feelings of no one cares
  • Hagar had to live with Sarah dealing harshly with her, blame, hurt, jealousy, resentment
  • Hagar must have felt no one will ever deeply love me
  • Hagar must have felt she had no one to count on

Question- How would you describe Hagar’s spiritual self-portrait before the Angel appeared to her?

  • Previously worshipped idols (as did Abraham until God appeared to him and changed his life)
  • Everything Hagar knew about God she would have learned through Abraham and Sarah.
  • God brings Hagar from a Godless culture to a family chosen by God to bless.
  • Everything she learned about God from Sarah and Abraham, now turns upside down living with desperately flawed believers.
  • Why would I want to follow this God, when Abraham and Sarah act like this?
    • She was angry, resentful, felt a sense of injustice, and turmoil all around her.
  • Hagar couldn’t hear the voice of God.

Question- How does Hagar an emotionally abandoned and spiritually wounded  woman feel deeply loved?

  • God finds lost people (Gen 16:7) through the form of a visible angel.
  • Hagar was not looking for God- He found her
  • God heard her suffering and listened to her affliction (no recording of her praying)
  • God heard Hagar’s tears (Ps 56:8)
  • Hagar knew God saw her (Gen 16:13)
  • Hagar knew God knew her and her future (Gen 16:12)

In loving kindness, he told her to go back

  • God’s grace was sufficient for Hagar to return to her mistress and submit to Sarah and the difficulties of her living situation and raising a son who would have the temperament of a wild donkey

Question- What are you running from?

  • Anything but that?
  • Anywhere but there?
  • Anyone but her?
  • Are you disappointed with the church, and on your way out of the body of Christ?
  • Who have you looked up to as a spiritual leader and are disappointed and have allowed it to affect your walk with God or your congregational worship?

Question- Where are you going?

  • Salvation
  • Are you running from the place God has set you down?
  • Has your spiritual temperature changed?
  • Are you serving?
  • Are you aligning yourself with spiritual people?

Question- How does your spiritual walk influence your children?

  • Do your children view you as spiritually flawed person?
  • How do you respond to your children when they observe sin in your life?
  • Do your children observe you as consistent across all walks of life?
  • Do you talk of faith with your children, but they see you fraught with worry?
  • Do you talk of God’s blessings, but yet you don’t live a thankful and joy filled life?




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