• February 13, 2020
  • BY Elsa Wiese
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Hello Parents,


You’ll notice by the subject of this post that there was a small miscommunication last night. Earlier this year the upper choir chose to learn the hymn “How Great Thou Art” during our rehearsal time. I mentioned last night that we would be singing this hymn during the service this coming Sunday, but what I didn’t realize is that they thought I meant the Children’s Choir would be singing this Sunday!  We are NOT singing this Sunday, but Pastor Tim did choose “How Great Thou Art” as one of the songs for the congregation to sing this Sunday, so I hope the kids can sing it out in their seats with gusto since the will be somewhat familiar with it. ? I made this comment at the end of rehearsal and didn’t realize my miscommunication until after I had dismissed them.


We are NOT singing this Sunday, but we will sing on April 5 and on May 10.  We also have a family party on May 3 from 1:15-2:30pm – I’m looking forward to it!


Have a great weekend and we will see you again on Wednesday!


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