• February 22, 2018
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While there are many important characteristics a Teaching Pastor should exemplify, the committee’s primary focus is on the preaching ability and giftedness of each potential candidate. The committee evaluates the preaching and teaching ability of each potential candidate before we discuss any other aspects. We pray that the Holy Spirit would guide our time listening to sermons, so that we would be able to focus on how the potential candidate shepherds the congregation, and that we would not be persuaded by our personal stylistic preferences.


Before the pastoral search process began, each member of the committee read two books: When the Word Leads Your Pastoral Search by Chris Brauns, and Help We Just Lost Our Pastor! by Ken Moberg. The committee adopted a detailed evaluation form based on the book by Chris Brauns.


Some of the main points include, but are not limited to:


  • Was there a clear central thought or focus for the sermon?
  • Was the sermon faithful to the biblical text?
  • Did the sermon show evidence of an anointing of the Holy Spirit?
  • Was there spiritual boldness and urgency?
  • Was the sermon aimed as accurately as possible into the hearts of the audience where the sermon was preached?
  • Was the sermon clear, interesting, and easy to follow?
  • How were the gestures, nonverbal communication, and overall presentation?


In future posts, we will discuss other characteristics the committee evaluates while reviewing candidates.


Continue to pray for us as we seek the Lord’s will for The Moody Church.

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One thought on “Criteria for Evaluating Teaching Pastor Candidates: Preaching Style

  1. Lead Teaching Pastor characteristics. Should have a spirit of Humility. Must show he has a heart for the Lord and that he has a servant heart and deeply cares for the Lord and lost souls.

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