• October 13, 2019
  • BY Elsa Wiese
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I hope you have had a great weekend! Each year our Christmas musical requires different things with regards to costumes. This year each child will be responsible for putting together or purchasing their costume. I’ve already emailed some of you regarding a specific look or matching costumes and I will continue to be in contact with anyone whose child has a large speaking role. Click here for a cast list.


If your child does not have a large speaking role, please begin to look at what you have or can purchase before our dress rehearsal on December 18. Most of the children will be “Tunies” in Tuneville – think the Whos in Whoville from “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”  This town of Tuneville loves Christmas so much that they celebrate it every day! That means every piece of clothing they own is red and green. ?


The basic idea is over-the-top red and green with neutral colors like white, black, gold and silver. The room is big so large splashes of color and anything sparkly makes more of an impact. Girls can wear any kind of red or green Christmas dress with striped or solid tights. A shirt and sparkly or solid-color leggings with a tutu skirt would also be fun. Boys can wear red, green, gray, or black pants and colored vests, or suspenders with a bow tie would be fun. Christmas sweaters and flannel/plaid are a good option. You can also add accessories like scarves, vests, and ribbons to bring in more color. I guess I’d say think more whimsical than not.


I’d like to try to stay away from other colors like blue, purple, orange, pink, etc.  Not that they can’t be present at all, like on a sweater or an underneath layer, but hopefully they are not the main color. I’d also like to stay away from Santa images on clothes if possible. Santa hats and other kinds of elf-like accessories would be appropriate, but again, I’m hoping to get the right feel with the larger splashes of color rather than a lot of different colors and images in one place. The last thing to avoid would be tall hats. The kids will be on risers so they need to be able to see over the person in front of them. A stocking cap or something shorter than a stovepipe hat (Cat in the Hat) would work fine.


If you’d like to make sure you are on track, you can email or text me a picture of what you have or are thinking of purchasing.


Please ask me questions!


Thanks so much,


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