• November 28, 2021
  • BY Elsa Wiese
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CATEGORIZED IN: Children's Chorus


Hello Parents,


We’re back! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, and that you were able to enjoy some good food and time off.


We’re looking straight at Christmas now! We will see you on Wednesday for rehearsal as usual from 5:30-6:30pm. The whole choir will be rehearsing in Kappeler this week.


We also have our dress rehearsal on Sunday, December 5 from 12:30-2:30 for the whole choir and a speaker rehearsal from 2:30-3:30 for those with large speaking roles. The kids should wear or bring their costume on December 5 so we can rehearse with it on. As a reminder, I’ve attached the cast list and also the costume list. If you are having any trouble finding a costume or would like to check out what you have, please contact Heidi Stafford at hmstafford@gmail.com.


A quick note about Solos: I will be doing final tryouts for solos on Sunday, 12/5 and on Wednesday, 12/8. After that I won’t be able to take any more tryouts. If your child wants to tryout, please make sure they tell me, or you can email me back to let me know and I’ll make sure to catch them. Thanks so much!


I think that is all for now. Have a wonderful night and thanks for all you do to support and encourage this ministry.




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