• October 3, 2019
  • BY Elsa Wiese
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We’ve had a great couple of weeks together as a choir! Shannon and I have so enjoyed hearing the kids sing and/or read over the past three weeks. It helps in getting to know their personalities and voices to better serve and teach them.


The big news is that the cast list for “Wrapping All The Way” has been set and is posted to the Christmas Musical Page.  On the second page, you’ll see the role descriptions and when the kids need to participate in extra rehearsals.


Please note that the large speaking roles will require extra rehearsals on Saturdays and Sundays. If you find that your child would miss more than 2 of these extra rehearsals, that will make it very hard for them to be prepared for their role.  If you know it will be difficult for your child to attend these required rehearsals, we will either work out a plan, or we may need to ask another child to play the role.


I’m sure your next question will be what should my child wear? Most of the children will be responsible to provide their own costume and I will be in touch in the next week or so with a costume assignment list and some ideas of where you can go to find costumes. There are certain costumes that may need to be purchased for the sake of uniformity or to better portray a character. Stay tuned!


Speaking of the Christmas musical, have you picked up your listening CD yet?  They are available at the welcome desk for $10 deposit which will be returned to you once you bring back the CD.


Finally, we have a choreography rehearsal for the WHOLE choir coming up on October 12 from 9–11 am. Hope to see you there!


Thanks so much and please feel free to get in touch with any questions or concerns!


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