• January 11, 2018
  • BY Eric Morse
  • 2 responses
CATEGORIZED IN: Pastoral Search Committee

As we move forward in our search for a Senior Pastor, one of the initiatives of the Pastoral Search Committee (PSC) is to better communicate status updates with our church family. We’ve put together this blog in order to better facilitate that communication. We encourage you to read through the outlined Pastoral Search Process page on our website, and to follow this blog for more information. Please join the PSC, the Elder Council, and the Leadership Council as we pray both for this search process and for the man that the Lord is preparing to be our Senior Pastor.


If you have any further questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to email us at pastoralsearch@moodychurch.org

2 thoughts on “Blog Launch

  1. Following The Moody Church closely. The transparency you’ve provided in the search for a replacement for Pastor Lutzer is appropriate and incredibly responsible. Thank you so much. I also love the full explanation you’ve provided for your search process, as well as the distribution of leadership roles, and participation of the elders and congregation in the process of selecting a new Teaching Pastor. This could serve as a model for other churches going through a similar search process. One might go so far as to say that the interim process occurring now at The Moody Church, with this enlightening search process along with the participation of Interim Pastor Ed Stetzer, is ironically the highlight of God’s plan for The Moody Church, with so much learning going on, for all, including we in the very periphery of this beautiful process.

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