• November 5, 2018
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Because of God’s Steadfast Love for Us He: Rescues Those Who Fear Him – RAHAB

Joshua 2   Joshua 3:4   Joshua 6:17-25

Matthew 1:15   Hebrews 11:31   James 2:25

Rahab is the perfect picture of God’s grace & love to Israel and us. She was a gentile; chosen by Him, sanctified by Him, saved by Him, loved by Him, grafted into the line of Jesus Christ. It was her faith – not her actions that “saved” her. Her confession, though seemingly sudden was in the making by God all along. He even used her profession for His plan and purpose.

Read Joshua 2

Rahab means: Proud, Quarrelsome

  1. Who was she? Joshua 2  What was her profession? Joshua 2:1




  1. What was Jericho like?



  1. We need to infer here, but why did Rahab hide the spies when the king found out they had entered her house?




  1. What “deal” or covenant did Rahab strike with the spies? Joshua 2:14-20




  1. What advice did she give the spies before she let them down by a rope from her house? Joshua 2:15-16



  1. What did Rahab do after the spies left? Joshua 2:21



  1. What did the spies tell Joshua? Joshua 2:24



The focus shifts to Israel preparing for a God-led victory. It is important to understand the spiritual & physical circumstances of the people, and how this underscores why Rahab risked her life for the spies, and the depth of her faith in the True God. Read Joshua 3 – 5

  1. What are the people told to do before setting off? Joshua 3:5





  1. How would the people have confidence to follow Joshua’s lead? Joshua 3:7-12





  1. Israel stops at Gilgal – a memorial placed there – what was it? Joshua 4:19





  1. What covenant rite was reinstituted, and what was celebrated as Israel camped in Gilgal, and what stopped? Joshua 5:9-12




  1. As Joshua and Israel waited for God’s lead, Joshua was “near Jericho” and had an encounter. Who was it, and why was this important? Joshua 5:13-15

God was about to defeat Jericho. Read Joshua 6

  1. What was the condition of the city of Jericho in Joshua 6:1, and what was the reason?



  1. What do you think Rahab was doing during this time?



  1. How did Joshua know they would be successful in defeating Jericho? What were the battle plans? Joshua 6:2-5



  1. What was the scene the people of Jericho saw as Israel advanced against the city? Joshua 6:6-15


  1. What did Joshua command the Israelites do to the inhabitants of Jericho? Who did he exempt? Joshua 6:16-17.



  1. Who rescued Rahab and her family from Jericho? Joshua 6:22-23



  1. What happened to Rahab and her family? Joshua 6:25



AFTER JERICHO –   Read Matthew 1:5, Hebrews 11:31 & James 2:25

Rahab married Salmon.

  1. Who was Salmon? II Chronicles 2:10-13



  1. Whose ancestor was Rahab? Matthew 1:5


  1. What does Hebrews 11:31 say about Rahab?


  1. How are God’s using Rahab and the defeat of Jericho similar? How does this go against human wisdom and understanding?







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