• March 22, 2019
  • BY Sharon Feil
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Samaritan Woman 

READ John 4: 1-42

  1. Read John 4:1-3 What was the reason given for Jesus traveling through Samaria?


  1. What would be the significance of him stopping in Sychar? 


  1. Read Vs. 4-5. What is noted about Jesus physical condition? What time of day might it have been? 


  1. Read vs.7-15. Why was this woman coming to the well at mid-day? What shocking thing does Jesus do? 


  1. Where were his disciples? 


  1. What does Jesus introduce to her in vs. 10? What is she still thinking about even after hearing him?



  1. Again, Jesus is prompting to speak to her about eternal, not temporal things in vs. 13. What was her response?



  1. Read vs. 16-26. Jesus tells her to go get her husband. What was her reply? How does Jesus shock her in response?



  1. This seems to get her to see that this Jewish rabbi is not an ordinary man. Her spiritual ears are opening and ready to hear the truth of who Jesus is. Who does she say Jesus is in vs. 19? 


  1. She tries to make the interaction a religious one, but Jesus patiently leads her in another direction. How does Jesus answer her bringing up the hostility between Samaritans and Jews? 


  1. Who does the woman say she knows is coming, who can explain everything?


  1. What is Jesus’ reply?



Read vs. 27-38

  1. At this point his disciples come back from buying food and see Jesus talking with the Samaritan woman. What does it say they were thinking – did they say anything to Jesus?


  1. The woman leaves her water jar and heads back into town to tell the people about the man she encountered. What invitation does she give the people? 



  1. The disciples try to get an exhausted Jesus to eat some of the food they bought. What did Jesus say to them? 


  1. What did the disciples say to one another? What was Jesus reply? What do His words mean for us? How is this “passing through” Samaria so significant? Who is the Messiah sent to?




  1. How is Jesus words to the disciples like his approach the woman at the well? 


Read vs. 39-42 

  1. What was the result of the Samaritans coming to see the Messiah? 


  1. What did the people ask Jesus to do? 


  1. At first they came to see the “prophet” who amazingly was able to tell the woman everything she had ever done”. As they listened to Jesus, faith was born in them and they were able to make a profession. Who did the people say Jesus was?



  1. How are we like the woman at the well?


  1. Is there any lifestyle that Jesus cannot speak to, convict and redeem?


  1. How are our lives transformed when we have our own encounter with the Messiah?

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