• December 27, 2018
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Because of God’s Great Love for Us, He Redeems and Provides for the Poor Widow

Naomi and Ruth

Naomi suffered greatly when she and Elimelech her husband moved away from Israel to Moab during a time of famine.  Let’s discover how, despite her difficult circumstances, God provided for her and her daughter-in-law Ruth.

Read Ruth 1:1-5

Who was ruling and what was happening in the land (1)?  See Deut. 11:16-17.


Because of the famine, what did Elimelech and Naomi decide to do (1)?



What happened to Elimelech in Moab (3)?  What did the sons do and what happened to them (5)?  How many years were they in Moab?  How many children did the sons have?




Read Ruth 1:6-22

What decision did Naomi make and why? (6) Why did she encourage her daughters-in-law to return to Moab? (9,12,13) (Kindness in verse 8 is from the Hebrew hesed meaning loyal, steadfast, faithful.)  What type of relationship did Naomi have with her daughters-in-law?


Orpah returned home but Ruth remained.  Why did Ruth return with Naomi? verses 16-18.  When they arrived in Bethlehem, what was the reaction of the townspeople and how did Naomi answer them? 19-22


Naomi believed that she had lost everything. (Verse 21)  In her sorrow, Naomi did not see God’s loving hand.  Write down where God’s love is evidenced in Ruth and Naomi’s life in chapter one.


What does the Bible actually say about how God treats the widow?  Deut. 10:18; 27:19, Psalm 68:5,6a, Psalm 146:9.

Read Ruth 2

We are introduced to Elimelech’s relative Boaz.  How is he described in verse 1? What kind of man is Boaz based on what is written in verses 4, 8,9,12-17?  When Ruth desired to glean in the fields to help provide food for their household (see Lev. 19:9,10 for context), she “happened” to come to the field of Boaz.  What is said about Ruth and her character in verses 6,7,10-13, 14,17?   How did God provide for Ruth and Naomi in this chapter?

What did Naomi say about Boaz and the LORD in verse 20?

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