• October 15, 2019
  • BY Elsa Wiese
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I know you have so many emails coming in from school and church so I will do my best to keep things clear and concise over the next few months.


3 important things to know about Children’s Chorus:


  1. Choreography Videos have been posted!  We had to cancel our rehearsal last Saturday, but please take some time over this week to have your kids watch both the instructional videos and full song videos for all the available songs.  You can view all the videos here.


  1. Solos for the Christmas Musical will be assigned hopefully by November 2. I would like to hear any child who wants to be considered for a solo either before or after rehearsal in the coming weeks. They will not need to prepare a specific solo, I just need to hear them sing once more before I make the assignments. If your child would like me to hear them sing, please have them come to the choir room before rehearsal or stick around after. I will also try to pull them aside if I see them and know they’d like to be considered for a solo.


  1. Performance Attire for normal Sundays is listed in our parent handbook and on the parent page under the performance standard button. We are going to do white on top and black on the bottom this year. We will be singing in the morning service on Sunday, November 24.  Please make sure you have a white shirt and black bottoms by that date. If you happen to have black skirts, pants, or shoes that your child can no longer fit into and would like to bring them for another child to use, feel free!


That’s all for now.  Please email or text with any questions or concerns.


See you tomorrow!


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