What does it mean to live a life worthy of the gospel? Because God has changed our lives, we are to live changed lives. In this passage, we see that there are three characteristics of lives worthy of Christ. First, we must stand united with other believers for the glory of God; we should have one spirit and mind, putting aside internal strife to achieve the common goals of the gospel. Second, we must strive tougher fearlessly to represent Christ. Third, we are to suffer graciously for the cause of Christ, whether that’s persecution or hardship. Suffering doesn’t need to be wasted, because God uses suffering to perfect us and to glorify Himself.


Philippians <a class=”yt-simple-endpoint style-scope yt-formatted-string” href=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZf5QpNAdLg&amp;t=87s”>1:27</a>-30