The Moody Church’s 2015 Fall Conference, Trusting the Bible in a Skeptical World, explored some of the most challenging questions raised by Christians and non-Christians alike.


  • The Bible is full of mistakes and contradictions.
  • The Bible has been through so many translations, how can you believe they all got it right?
  • The Bible endorses genocide, slavery, homophobia, and the oppression of women.


Conference presenters Dr. Peter Williams and Dr. Dirk Jongkind, international scholars on the reliability of Scripture, addressed objections on these subjects and more. Whether you are a long-time Christian, a new believer, or a confident skeptic, you’ll be challenged by these five thought-provoking sessions.


The video of each session is available using the links below or on the sidebar to the right. Each session’s individual page also has a link to download a PDF copy of that session’s notes.

Session 1: Historical Evidence for the Christian Faith

Session 2: Ancient Manuscripts and the New Testament

Session 3: The Moral Objections to the Bible

Session 4: What Did the Church Do to the Bible?

Session 5: So Why Doesn’t Everyone Believe?

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