Refreshing the Christian Life Center (CLC)

The Thanksgiving holiday reminds us of the importance of giving thanks—both verbally and tangibly. If you have been at The Moody Church for more than a year, you have likely heard about our annual Thanksgiving Offering.


Last year’s offering, TLC on the CLC, allowed us to renovate portions of the Christian Life Center (CLC), helping us advance our outreach to visitors and to the neighborhood. You have probably noticed the new paint, furniture, and carpet throughout the building, and you may also have seen the changes on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors that will allow us to expand our ministries to children, youth, and those with disabilities.


However, the needs we identified exceeded the resources we received from last year’s Thanksgiving Offering.

  • For example, we can’t introduce people to the Lord as effectively if they can’t find the entrance or don’t know about our ministries—so we are considering ways to better mark our primary 1635 North LaSalle entrance with a canopy, and to use the large flat portions of the exterior walls for electronic signage that  invites our neighbors to church events and activities.
  • Other goals are to install interior digital signage and to repaint and re-carpet portions of the original building that were untouched during this recent CLC renovation.


As we strive to reach our neighborhood with warmth and witness, we believe that this year’s Thanksgiving Offering (TLC on TMC) will help us advance both of those goals by continuing renovations to the church facilities.


Would you please pray and ask God what He would have you give to help us reach this goal?


To give online via myTMC, please designate “Thanksgiving Offering” on your gift.