Our Technical Ministry strives to serve Moody Church by caring for the technical needs of our services & special events. Individuals who serve each Sunday rotate in teams that care for video, audio, and graphics.

Leadership: Michael Arman

Areas of Support

Sunday Morning Worship Service

The Sunday morning worship service held in the main sanctuary has many areas for involvement.


Sound reinforcement: We have a professional-quality sound system that we use so everyone can hear the message in word and song. Every service requires equipment set-up, operation and dismantle.


Lighting: Our production lighting system illuminates the platform, draws the attention, and accentuates the room and its architecture.


Recording: Not many people know that we have a 48 track digital recording room to record our services, concerts and special events. Recordings are made weekly for our 3 syndicated radio programs and also audio and video streaming live over the internet.


Video: Our video team is responsible for the large screen projection in our sanctuary as well as our internet video stream. With a combination of live video image magnification and graphics, we strive to enhance the worship experience without distraction, as well as drawn in our internet and outlying viewers.


Communities Support

We also support the many needs of our Communities throughout the building. We train and support many volunteers within each class and make sure things work and are there when they are needed.

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