The Moody Church Philip Teams currently consists of seven active ministries that are staffed entirely by volunteers and overseen by a full-time ministry director. Volunteers come from all walks of life, love God, and have a desire to serve Him. The ability to demonstrate godly hospitality is all that is required to fill one of these hundreds of positions that ensure the orderly assembly of the Moody Church.

Leadership: Noble Adigbli

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  • The Dispatch Team facilitates two-way radio communications during events to ensure smooth relay of information among the teams and first responders as necessary. They also perform close monitoring of security cameras and other safety systems.
  • The Greeting Team is on the alert in the lobbies to make every arrival feel welcome.
  • The Information Desk Team is a great help to those needing church information. As implied, the team provides answers to most of the questions people ask.
  • The Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) is equipped and alert with medical professionals who are ready to provide emergency medical care.
  • The Parking Team facilitates parking operations on Sunday mornings and some special events as authorized. Drivers coming to the church are given direction to available free parking. Volunteers provide all staffing throughout as needed.
  • The Security Team carefully assesses the security needs of the congregation and provides the necessary prevention and response measures to ensure a more secure environment.
  • The Ushering Team facilitates our regular worship services and authorized special events in and around the worship service areas. They provide staffing for all related needs helping to ensure a worshipful and appropriate environment.


To join one or more of these teams, pick up an application from the information desk, Philip Teams volunteer kiosk, or call the church office. You can also use the contact form below to connect with us.

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