The Philip Teams is the collective group of volunteer workers who demonstrate loving hospitality and extend a warm welcome to all attendees of The Moody Church.  Our volunteers provide needed functions in support of our regular services and special events. Many of our folks work behind the scenes, and usually in teams. We invite you to prayerfully consider joining us.

Leadership: Noble Adigbli

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  • The Dispatch Team works closely with the Security and Medical Teams and controls all two-way radio communications traffic.
  • The Greeting Team warmly welcomes every person who enters The Moody Church.
  • The Information Desk Team stands ready to provide information about our ministries, personnel, and the layout of the church, and to answer the most frequently asked questions.
  • The Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) consists of medical professionals who are ready to provide emergency medical attention whenever needed during church events.
  • The Parking Team facilitates the use of the parking areas used by the church.
  • The Security Team assesses and plans for a safe and secure environment at the church, and provides any necessary prevention and response measures.
  • The Ushering Team facilitates the scheduled services and special events by distributing bulletins, aiding the congregation in seating, and by collecting and securing the offering.
  • The Validator of Internal Parking (VIP) Team checks all parking tickets for validity and distributes validations which cover the cost of our guests’ parking.


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