In the Beginning, There Was Music...

More than one hundred years ago, D.L. Moody began a life of missionary work by bringing children in Chicago to his newly created independent Sunday School. Music was one of the first ways Moody communicated with “his” children, who lived to sing. He used psalms, hymns and spiritual songs as a means of teaching—a method that also served to quiet the restless children while encouraging their active participation.


In all the years since, the music ministry of The Moody Church has played an integral and honored role in the work of the church. From the founding of the original Moody Church Choir to the ensembles of today, we have always worked to make a joyful noise unto the Lord.


And while today our groups are larger, our programs are more varied, and our missions touch people around the globe, we continue to use music as D.L. Moody did–to teach, to inspire, to praise, and to prepare the soul for the Word of God.

Excellence for Outreach

In the words of Pastor Lutzer, “May it be said that we strive to do our best, to achieve excellence in music and preaching. But let us eschew all forms of professionalism that emphasizes form rather than content; precision, rather than heart.”


The Moody Church Music Ministry presents a carefully designed program of the best in sacred music represented in a variety of styles, and is very committed to striving for musical excellence. Yet we continually emphasize that the purpose of our excellence is for worship, for fellowship, for edification, and for outreach. Our sole purpose is to praise God and to reach out to the Chicago community and the world beyond.


The strength of our music program lies in our volunteers – regular attendees who love music and are eager to present the Gospel and bear witness to Christ through music and song. From the youngest child in the Children’s Chorus to our most accomplished soloist, each member of our ministry is focused on teaching the lives of those who hear us.

A Sound for All Seasons

Our joyful noise takes many forms: vocal and instrumental, classical and modern, solemn and exuberant.


The highlights of our Music Ministry calendar are three annual events with the Sanctuary Choir and Festival Orchestra: the Christmas Concert, Easter Sunday service, and the Independence Day Concert. Visit our Recordings page to take the music of the Music Ministry home with you!

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